In the area of helping others live a life they can be passionate about, Cozy Dixon is especially qualified. Cozy is a certified Life Coach, Path Coach and PEP™ Trainer and has worked with individuals and teams for over two decades. She is known for her wit, wisdom and ability to listen and ask powerful questions to guide you to the place you want to be.

Cozy is also the lead trainer for LBJ Inc. where she trains individuals and HR departments in the new, exciting and scientifically validated communication profile called PEP™ (Path Elements Profile). She has shared this exciting and life changing technology and received rave reviews for her work since 2004. From Fortune 100 companies to Sports teams to blended families Ms. Dixon expertly facilitates PEP™ sessions with amazing and lasting results. Senior Leaders, Business Owners, Families and faith based teams have experienced growth and increased community harmony under her tutelage.

Over the years Cozy has shared her gifts of encouragement, teaching and music in a wide variety of venues throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Cozy lives in Fayetteville, AR and treasures her most valued assignment of wife and mother. She sits on the board of directors for Life Source International and volunteers her service with many. She is often heard saying "I love my job". Leaders in the marketplace and the religious world alike celebrate Cozy's delight in coaching others to discover their personal and professional success in all areas of life. Her personal mission statement is "to affirm, encourage and communicate authentic living".

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“I give Cozy my highest endorsement. She combines insight and experience with enthusiasm and humor to help individuals and teams reach their potential.”
Tom Muccio
Retired President of Global Customer Teams, Procter & Gamble